About Us

Faculty of Technical Sciences

  • ≈ 14000 students
  • 1200 employees
  • 13 departments
  • 90 studyprograms


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Applied Software Engineering

  • Field: Electrical and computer engineering
  • Goal: Application of software engineering in critical infrastructure system.
  • Designed according to requirements of modern software industry
  • Role model:
    • Leading university world wide
    • IT Programs of mega companies
  • Application in development of softwarefor critical infrastructure systems and operational technologies
  • In accordance with modern trends in computer science and software engineering
  • ≈ 20 professors
  • ≈ 40 teaching assistants


Graduate studies

  • Last 4 years (240 ESPB)
  • Title:Bachelor in honors in electrical and computer engineering
  • First three years dedicated to fundamental knowledge
  • Forth year - all subjects are optional with focus to practical skills


Master studies

  • Last one year(60 ESPB)
  • Title:Master in electrical and computer engineering
  • All exams are optional, aimed for specialization in desired field.


Fundamental exams

  • Mathematics
  • Computer science basics
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Programing in C
  • Programing in C++
  • Programing in C#
  • Programing in Assembler
  • Embedded systems
  • Operating systems
  • Computer networks



Head of study program

Prof. PhD Dragan Popović



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